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Wholesale Brazilian Three-Pin Plug

Brazilian Three-Pin Plug

A detailed description:
Brand: QIAOPU/Qiaopu Model: D16
Type: Three-pole power plug Rated voltage: 250V
Rated current: 10A Power frequency: 50 (HZ)
Payload: 4 (KW) Number of pluggable times: 1000000 (times)
Whether to provide processing customization: Yes
Standard distributable cables:
H03VV-F 3X0.5mm2  H03VV-F 3X0.75mm2  H05VV-F 3X0.75mm2
H05VV-F 3X1.0mm2  H05V2V2-F 3X0.75mm2  H05V2V2-F 3X1.0mm2
H05RR-F 3X0.75mm2  H05RR-F 3X1.0mm2  H05RN-F 3X0.75mm2
H05RN-F 3X1.0mm2
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