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The NINGBO QIAOPU ELECTRIC CO., LTD. is a professional OEM Argentina Power Cord Manufacturer and ODM Argentina Power Cord Factory, was founded in 2001. It has a power cord with the trademark "QIAOPU" on it. The company specializes in the manufacture of national security certification power cables, plugs and sockets, extension cords, rubber cords, and other electrical components. In 2013, Ningbo Qiaopu Electric Co., Ltd. generated a total output value of RMB 170 million. It currently employs 178 people, including 8 quality inspection personnel, 7 quality assurance personnel, and 7 technical and research personnel. The plant covers an area of 21,000 square meters. For the rubber line workshop, the PVC granulation workshop, the copper wire bundle workshop, the wire drawing workshop, the riveting workshop, the plug injection workshop, the factory inspection and delivery workshop, and the factory inspection and delivery workshop.
NINGBO QIAOPU ELECTRIC CO., LTD..'s QIAOPU trademark products primarily include European plugs, European power cords, American plugs, American power cords, GB plugs, GB power cords, British plugs, Australian plugs, Japanese plugs, Korean plugs, South African plugs, Brazilian plugs, Argentine plugs, Swiss plugs, Israeli plugs, and so on. Power cord models are H03VVH2-F, H03VV-F, H05VV-F, H05VVH2-F, IEC52 (RVV), IEC53 (RVV), H05RN-F, H05RR-F, H07RN-F, SVT, SJT, SPT, and other nations across the world certified power cord.
QIAOPU brand power cable products have received ROHS, PAHS, REACH, and other environmental certifications, and Ningbo Qiaopu Electric Co., Ltd. has gained ISO9001:2008 and GB/T19001:2008 quality system certification. QIAOPU product certifications include European VDE, US UL, UK UK, Australian SAA, South Africa SABS, Brazil UC/INMETREO, Japan PSE, Korea KC, and others.

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Argentina Power Cord Industry knowledge
The Argentine power cord is designed to meet the electrical equipment and electricity needs of Argentina.
Does the Argentina power cord need to match the specifications of the socket used?
The Argentine power cord needs to match the specifications of the socket used. Argentina has specific standards and specifications for plugs and sockets. The plug is usually a three pin plug that complies with IRAM standards. The common plug shape is a "V" shape and has a specific plug diameter and plug spacing. And the socket is designed to match these plugs.
Therefore, if the power cord or plug does not match the specifications of the socket, it may lead to the plug not being securely inserted into the socket, or problems such as loosening or falling off during use. This not only affects the normal use of electrical equipment, but also may bring safety hazards.
Therefore, when using Argentine power cords, it is essential to ensure that they match the specifications of the sockets used to ensure the normal operation and safety of electrical equipment.

Can the aging Argentina power cord continue to be used?
Aging Argentine power cords are not recommended for continued use. Aging power cords may have various problems, such as insulation damage, exposed conductors, increased resistance, etc., all of which can lead to electrical faults or safety hazards.
Firstly, damage to the insulation layer and exposed conductors may pose a risk of electric shock or short circuit. If the power cord ages, the insulation layer may become fragile or crack, exposing the conductive part and increasing the risk of electric shock. In addition, damaged insulation layers may also cause short circuits in the metal wires inside the wires, leading to serious consequences such as fires.
Secondly, aging of power lines may lead to an increase in resistance, affecting the normal transmission of current. An increase in resistance can lead to an increase in the heat generated by the wire, which may cause the wire to overheat, further exacerbate the aging rate of the insulation layer, and even trigger a fire.
Therefore, in order to ensure electrical safety and normal operation of equipment, it is recommended to regularly check the use of power cords. Once aging phenomenon is found in the power cord, such as insulation layer damage, color loss, hardening, cracks, etc., a new power cord should be replaced in a timely manner.

Can Argentina power cord be used in harsh environments?
The use of Argentine power cords in harsh environments carries certain risks and is not recommended. Adverse environments, such as high humidity, high temperature, high dust, or places with chemical substances, can cause damage to the insulation layer, conductors, and other components of power lines, thereby increasing the likelihood of electrical failures and safety risks.
Firstly, high humidity environments may lead to a decrease in the insulation performance of power lines, increasing the risk of leakage and short circuits. High temperature environments may accelerate the aging of power cord materials and shorten their service life.
Secondly, dust in dusty environments may adhere to power lines, affecting heat dissipation and even leading to insulation layer wear. The presence of chemicals may have a corrosive effect on the materials of power lines, damaging their structure and performance.
Therefore, in order to ensure electrical safety and stable operation of equipment, it is recommended to use specially designed and processed power lines in harsh environments, or take additional protective measures, such as installing waterproof and dust covers, using protective pipes, etc.